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Time to Level Up!
Ladder Tech Mentorship Cohort 2

Get career guidance from someone who shares your professional outlook & has accomplished the goals you hope to achieve. With Ladder mentors, knowledge gained is not limited to tech skills but also include techniques, proven tips, experiences, mistakes to avoid, culture shift & mindset transformation.

How do I know I need a mentor?



Preliminary interviews and shortlisting exercise for the various tech career paths.



Commencement and completion of the 4-week mentorship program.



Evaluation and assessment of the performance of mentees upon completion of the mentorship program.



Guidance on skills, tools and frameworks to pick up and how to level up your expertise in them.

Who should enrol for mentorship?

Make Right Decisions

Do you need clarity in making the right decisions such as navigating tech stack, new technologies, latest trends and other important decisions regarding your tech career?

Maximise Opportunities

Have you always needed someone to connect you to opportunities, resources and tools for growth and development?

Avoid Mistakes

Do you want to avoid making major tech mistakes and need someone with more experience than you do?

Get Support

Are you in need of someone with competence and is trustworthy to provide support in accomplishing your goals especially for the coming year or peculiar phase of your career?

What Ladder is offering?

The Ladder Mentorship Program 1.0

It was a 4-week (online) mentorship where upcoming tech talents were mentored by seasoned experts. During the course of the program, mentees underwent a refining process where they are empowered with tech and employability skills. It also included 2 Career Webinar sessions and an on-site Career Workshop with over 150 participants
may / june 2022 - cohort 1



Positive Feedback

Guest speakers

Why Ladder?

It is a platform for highly skilled and globally recognised engineers and designers to impact budding Nigerian engineers with the knowledge and insights to become excellent versions of themselves at no cost.

Registration for Cohort 2 starts 1st December 2023


Who should apply?

Junior Techies

Junior techies who need career coaching and guidance to be the best they can be.


Techies who have completed a bootcamp/ training, waiting to land a job but wish to step up in their knowledge base and skills

Is your organisation interested in hiring junior professionals?

During the course of the program, mentees undergo a refining process where they are empowered with tech and employability skills. After which you are linked with internships and job opportunities with companies.

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